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Item # 2336RH  $585.00 Color and translucent!
4 1/4" Novaculite.
Perino COA
Found in Dallas County, Arkansas.

Item # 2326RH $1175.00 Color and make Super
3 15/16" Burlington Chert
Meadows COA
Found in Johnson County, Missouri.

Item # 3010RH  $265.00 Color
3 1/16" Local Cobble Chert
Dickey COA
Found in S.E. Missouri. Ex Ben Thompson

Item # 3108RH  $75.00 Color
2 9/16" Novaculite
Dickey COA
Found in South East Missouri, Ex Ben Thompson

Item # 3110RH $320.00 Wow color neat shape!
1 7/8"
Found in South East Missouri, Ex. Ben Thompson