Indian Hut Artifacts

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My Guarantee: Unconditional 
Money back for 30 days. If you 
send a piece out and it is 
killed by an Authenticator you
have 60 days. Artifact must 
have copy of kill paper.My Promise to you: I have spent 
the last 23 years hunting and 
collecting indian artifacts. I have 
done my best to present to you 
authentic and unaltered artifacts

We Buy Arrowheads One Point or Whole Collections.

Artifacts for Sale

Paleo Archaic Archaic (cont) Archaic (cont) Woodland Mississippian Miscellaneous
Agate Basin Afton Holland Searcy Adena Caddaon Axes
Allen Apple Creek Howard County Sedalia Adena Leaf Blade Cahokia Banner Stones
Angostura Big Sandy Kinney Smith Dickson Harahey Boat Stones
Beaver Lake Cache River Kirk Square Knife Gary Madison Bone
Clovis Calf Creek Lost Lake Stilwell Gibson Nodena Celts
Dalton Cobbs-Knives Melville Stone Square Stem Hopewell Perdiz Drills
Hell Gap Decatur Meadowood Table Rock Morse Knife Ramey Knife Exotic
Lanceolates Dovetail Nebo Hill Thebes Motley   Gorgets
Paleo Knife Etley Neuberger Wadlow North   Historic
Pike County Godar Osceola   Reed   Plummets
Plainview Graham Cave Pine Tree   Snyders   Pottery
Quad Hardin Raddatz   Turkeytail   More Points
Scottsbluff Heavy Duty Red Ochre   Waubesa    
  Hemp Hill Rice   Bird Points